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Frazier Capital Valuation is an independent firm providing authoritative valuations of business enterprises, securities, and tangible and intangible assets, in addition to commercial real estate, and machinery and inventory valuations.

Our Association with clients is limited to value related advisory services. In particular, we neither act as a broker nor depend upon successful consummation of a transaction for our compensation. As a result, our opinions are both free from conflicts of interest and are credible third party opinions to auditors, shareholders, lenders, regulators, and courts.

Our reports provide users with a comprehensive multi-disciplinary approach. These reports are the result of exhaustive research on all facets of the market which affect the given property, asset, or business.

We serve the specific needs of the following groups in addition to various others:


Estate planning, ad valorem, discounts, other tax related issues, forced liquidation of business entities, gift tax deductions, fairness and solvency issues, dissolution of marriage, probate, and bankruptcy.

Corporate and Tax Officers

Pre-acquisition or merger valuation counseling, allocation of purchase price, tax purposes (federal and ad valorem), sale or purchase, financing, ESOPs, valuation of closely held stock, insurance, as well as for transfer pricing purposes under IRC §482 or §861.

Bankers and Trust Officers

Financing and solvency areas, fairness opinions, inheritance and estate cases, problems evolving from stewardship of assets via trust and estate services, limited partnerships, as well as for ERISA, the Department of Labor requirements for ESOPs, FIRREA or for other regulatory purposes.

Accountants and Financial Consultants

Valuation for tax purposes, pre-acquisition or merger valuation needs, for the allocation of a purchase price, financing, or estate purposes.

Governmental Officials

Valuation of property administered by agencies of the government; real estate to be acquired by eminent domain; public highways, urban renewal, public parks, and easements; and valuation consulting to state and local property assessment and appraisal offices. s

Insurance Advisors and Companies

Proper valuation of varying assets for rate-making purposes, and assistance at the time of casualty to prove the amount of loss.

Business Owners

Selling your business (asset or stock sales), valuation of securities/assets and special allocation rules for certain asset acquisitions-residual approach for allocating nonamortizable intangibles under Internal Revenue Code (IRC) §1060, and corporate liquidations.

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Frazier Capital Valuation provides appraisal services in the disciplines of business valuation, commercial real estate, and equipment.

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