Valuations for insurance

Managing the risk of property exposure requires values that are both current and accurate. With our expertise in property and equipment valuation, Frazier Capital Valuation is qualified to provide appraisal reports that achieve accurate insurance placement and act as a benchmark for proof-of-loss support in the event of a catastrophe.

We provide expertise in all classifications of real and personal property insurance appraisal. Our insurance appraisals provide a third party, unbiased opinion of replacement or reproduction cost value of fixed assets or real estate. Frazier Capital insurance appraisal reports include:

  • Valuation of buildings and structures for replacement and reproduction costs
  • Physical Inspections by a licensed appraiser
  • Property Insurance Appraisal Updates to maintain the integrity of the valuation via an annual updating service to capture changes in value with respect to inflationary trend
  • Fixed asset appraisals (machinery, furniture, equipment, personal property, livestock, etc…)
  • Certified appraisal reports for accurate proof-of-loss documentation and basis for insurance premiums
  • Valuation of insurable land improvements/property-in-the-open

Building Insurance Appraisal & Inspection

Construction costs show dramatic changes, both positive and negative, during the past few years, making it increasingly difficult to determine accurate property insurance values. Frazier Capital Valuation provides full-scope building insurance valuations, which include an inspection, capture of underwriting COPE data and estimation of insurable value by major construction components.

Physical Inspections

Insurance companies and underwriters are getting more selective in the values they will accept. Desktop appraisal methods and multiple years of value trending depend solely on the accuracy and completeness of the data provided at the time a structure is added to the statement of values. These methods can potentially result in inconsistent values and the exclusion of structures that exist but are not listed on the current statement of values.  Frazier Capital Valuation has a licensed appraiser inspect every property appraised to assure the accuracy of our appraisal reports.

Property Insurance Appraisal Update

Once an initial investment has been made in a property insurance appraisal, it can be cost effective to maintain the integrity of the valuation via an annual updating service. Building and personal property appraised insurable values are updated with respect to inflationary trends, as well as accounting for capital acquisitions and retirements.

Equipment/Personal Property Insurance Appraisal & Inventory

Frazier Capital’s valuation consultants have provided personal property insurance appraisals for everything from steel mills and semiconductor fabrication plants to state capitol buildings and school districts. The level of detail will vary depending on the insured’s and underwriting requirements. We also perform fixed asset appraisals including machinery, furniture, equipment, personal property, livestock, etc.

Certified Appraisal Reports

Frazier Capital Valuation provides all certified building and fixed asset appraisal reports in both hard copy and electronic formats. Our appraisal certified reports include:

  • Certification Letter
  • Insurance Summary Report
  • Insurance Detail Report– includes a digital photo and detailed information on a per building basis.
  • Value Comparison Report– illustrates the variance in the value established as a result of the appraisal versus the replacement cost value on the current statement of values prior to Frazier Capital Valuation conducting the appraisal.
  • Certified/Licensed Appraisers–our appraisers are properly certified and licensed based on the requirements and verification of the Appraisal Institute.

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Frazier Capital Valuation provides appraisal services in the disciplines of business valuation, commercial real estate, and equipment.

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